Regional International Workshop Podgorica
03 – 04 Oct. 2024

Workshop on Management of Periprosthetic Joint
Infection (PJI) and Management of Fracture-Related
Infections (FRI)

CITY Podgorica
LANGUAGE English/Montenegreen

Our on-site workshops on the Management of Periprosthetic Joint Infection (PJI) and fracture-Related Infections (FRI) provide up-to-date information and a practical approach to manage infection successfully. We cover prevention, diagnosis and combined (medical and surgical) treatment, with particular emphasis on the interdisciplinary approach and efficient modern concepts. The courses are a mix of lectures by expert scientists in the domain, interactive case discussion and practical (hands-on) workshops. Workshop has been submitted for accreditation at the Medical Chamber of Montenegro and Pro implant foundation (8 CME).
This workshop is intended for orthopeds, microbiologists, infectologists, physiotherapists, for the
entireinterdisciplinary team of doctors who participate in treatment.
DATE: 03 – 04 Oct. 2024
DURATION: 2 days
LANGUAGE: EN/ Montenegreen
GROUP SIZE: 50 attendees
COURSE FEES: 60.00 €
Early bird registration: 45.00 €

More details about the workshop soon…

Please for contact: AMOT secretariat
Phone: +38269722567 Mitar Saranovic MD
+38269938948 Nikola Bulatovic MD